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Archaeological Investigations in Hungary online

We are pleased to announce that by the support of the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister a new function was added to the Archaeology Database. From now on the published volumes of Archaeological Investigations in Hungary can be accessed online. The volumes are available in the Archaeological Investigations in Hungary menu and the site reports of the volumes are also available on the site datasheets.

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Due to database development some of its content will not be accessible appr. until January 31, 2017.

Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.

Trepanation from Baracs, Hungary - Part 3

Surgical intervention has been frequently performed to treat cranial wounds, headaches, but also could be used to treat infections or tumours inside the cranium.

In the case of the child from Baracs, the cause of this type of surgery is not evident, but some features of the cut suggest that the aim of the trepanation was possibly to treat a blade wound. At the same time a small depression fracture due to a blow to the skull can be seen on the cranial surface near to the trepanation, which could be also a reason for a treatment of an intracranial injury.

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