How it works


The Hungarian National Museum Archaeology Database is a free online catalogue. Apart from fundamental information on archaeological sites, documentations of the sites are also available. The number of sites and documentations is continuously increasing, therefore check back often for new sites and updates.

In order to protect archaeological sites, the use of the database is restricted to different access levels:

1.) Anonymous User: has access to browse, can subscribe to newsletter.

2.) Registered User: has access to browse, can subscribe to newsletter and can use the save searched term function. The latter function sends an e-mail notification when new sites, which correspond with the chosen search terms, are entered into the database. Documentations cannot be downloaded, if you wish to access documentations please turn to the local museum.

3.) Registered Professional User: has high level access, institutional e-mail is required for registration. The users of this level have all the above permissions and also have access to download documentations and access all site information. Archeologists working in museums, archeological research institutions, archaeology departments at universities, heritage organisation or in ministries providing professional coordination (Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Human Capacities) and archeology students are considered professional users. They do not have this level of access by default. This access can be required by the directors of institutions or head of university departments for their colleagues/students by filling out the Registration form below. The document needs to be filled out and signed by the director of the institution or the head of university department or their deputy and sent to: Freelance archeologists can gain access to the database if they are listed in the Archeological and National Monument Expert Register. Archeological Enterprises can also have access to the database if they accredited, the CEO of the enterprise may acquire access to the database by filling out the above mentioned form.

4.) Registered Professional User with Uploading Rights: Only Registered Professional Users may ask permission from the database administrator at to upload archaeological sites. Users with this access have all previous permissions and can also upload sites to the database (see site upload menu).

Available documentation types of the sites can by viewed by all users, however, downloading them is only possible with Professional User access or above. If you do not have access to documentations, you may contact the local museum.

The volumes of Archaeological Investigations in Hungary are exceptions from restricted access. These can be accessed and downloaded by all users irrelevant of their access level. These volumes are available in Archaeological Investigations in Hungary menu. The site reports of the Archaeological Investigations in Hungary can also be found on the site datasheets.

On the main page, below the map you can check recently added archaeological sites. Above the search categories we inform you on the number of sites available in the catalogue and the number of files associated with these sites, and also on the number of metadata records.

To browse the database no registration is required but if you want to download site documentations, you need to register and meet the appropriate user level requirements. You may use free text search or define your query by using filters within the listed categories. Only those words and expressions appear in the categories which are present in the database. You may select as many filters within the categories as you wish. The search results will appear according to your user level, either in a list view or map/list view. The sites in the volumes of Archaeological Investigations in Hungary can also be searched by using the detailed search function.

If you have access level No. 1 or 2 you can only access site datasheets from a list view. If you have access level No. 3 or 4, by clicking on the pin of a site on the map you will be redirected to the information sheet of that site, or by clicking on a site name in the list view, you will be redirected to the information sheet of that site. On the site sheets several categories are hyperlinked and by clicking on these you will be redirected to the sites associated with those categories.

On the site sheet it is shown what kind of documentations are available about that site. These documentations can only be downloaded with the appropriate access level. If you have a downloading right and wish to download one file, you can do that straight away. If you want to download several files or folders the system generates a zip file the link of which is sent to the e-mail address that you provided during registration.

The information in the database and the documentations must only be used for learning, teaching and research purposes. Please use the data supplied through the Archaeology Database considerately and always reference the database and the documentations. The documentations in the database are produced by numerous archaeologists, analysts, specialists, field workers, laboratory scientists, illustrators, technicians and so on. The Hungarian National Museum acknowledges their contribution and seeks to protect the intellectual property rights and copyright of the originators of data. It is the user’s responsibility to read and accept the Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy of the Hungarian National Museum Archaeology Database. If you do not agree with the Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy of the Hungarian National Museum Archaeology Database, please DO NOT USE the database.

Please note Act V of 2013 of the Civil Code, Act LXXVI of 1999 of the Act of Copyright and Act C of 2012 of the Act of Criminal Code about intellectual property rights and copyright protection in Hungary and the legal consequences of intellectual property and copyright infringement.